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RS Express is a busy courier service with an excellent reputation for high quality service  in the Boston area since 1986.  We are always looking for energetic, responsible, motivated people to fill employment positions for office staff and foot messengers, as well as contractor positions for bicycle and vehicle messengers.  Experience in our industry is not an absolute necessity, although it can be helpful. 

Employment Opportunities

Driver requirements include a clean driving record and currently registered neat vehicle in good working condition, as well as up-to-date insurance coverage.  We will consider all vehicle sizes from hatchback to trucks.

Bike Messenger candidates will only be considered if
they are experienced, possess a valid Bicycle Messenger
License issued by the City of Boston and have a clean
record of performance and conduct.  References will be

Foot Messengers  are stationed at strategic buildings
in the Downtown and Back Bay areas of Boston to
facilitate quick and efficient movement of packages in
and out of Boston's most secured buildings.
A record
of good conduct and the ability to work with multiple
people at a time in a fast paced environment are
essential requirements.  Candidates should be neatly dressed and groomed, as they will interact with many professional companies and personnel throughout each business day.

Foot messengers are compensated on an hourly basis, with benefits and wage increases provided as employment longevity and productivity increase. 

Office Staff Positions

In an industry as busy and customer conscious as ours, office and dispatch positions can be quite demanding.  The best candidates have the ability to multitask consistently and think quickly and effectively on their feet.  Telephone answering skills,  familiarity with data entry,  and collating ability are necessities. We are always looking for people our clients will look forward to  working with.

RS Express is an Equal-Opportunity Employer

If you think you'd like to join us, please call 617.426.7575 for our current openings.

One India Street, Boston, MA 02109

Tel:   617.426.7577     Fax:  617.426.5416

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